Sunday, 19 August 2012


Speaking to anyone from CBV Collections in Canada is a sure way to have your credit and private information compromised forever.  They will use any and all information you give them to further sink your credit profile.  They employ convicted criminals who have easy access to any personal information they have so it's important that you never add any, even if you truly do owe someone money to protect yourself from CBV Collections Identity Theft and Fraudulent debt collections.

If you hear the words "calling from CBV Collections" it is important that you hang up the phone immediately, without confirming your identity.  It is important that you contact your telephone provider and have any and all of their numbers blocked from being able to call you again.  Because they will, over and over, with hopes of suckering you into debts that are not yours.

If you do have unpaid debts, it is important that you contact and ONLY negotiate with your original creditor.   If they've already sent your file to CBV you need to tell them you will not negotiate anything with CBV and if they want the account paid they will need to remove your file and all information from CBV.

Until the government of Canada steps in and starts arresting and jailing the management and staff at CBV, Canadians are all in extreme danger of Identity Theft and fraudulent debt collections.

If you are an employee of CBV Collections, you need to start looking for honest work and let your management go down with their ship.  Do not be fooled by the hyperbole that is given to you at hiring and do  not allow your managers to compromise your integrity.  Because they do, they will, and couldn't operate otherwise.  Do the right thing, quit before you become fully trained in the ways of Identity Theft and Fraud.

Sunday, 12 February 2012


Businesses who use CBV Collections are endangering the privacy and financial well being of their customers.  Consumers need to ensure any company they do business with does not do business with CBV Collections.

The danger you are putting yourself in by dealing with CBV will  definitely destroy your business and alienate customers.  CBV does not respect consumer protection legislation.  CBV does not respect our nation's privacy laws.  They will walk all over you and any law in their way and destroy any and all relationships you may have with your customers.  Their recovery rates are also the very lowest in the country, so your chances of getting your accounts settled are almost nil.


Saturday, 11 February 2012


It's important to understand that if you are contacted by a collection officer from CBV Collections that you are most likely speaking to a convicted criminal.  It is important that you do not enter any dialogue with these people, it could seriously destroy your credit when they start attaching bogus debt to your account.

If you are contacted by CBV Collections for a debt that you owe, it is important that you cut them out of the transaction and deal with your original borrower exclusively.  That is the only way that you can ensure your safety and that of your personal, private information.

CBV Collections and their criminal employees are a blight on society and it is of utmost importance that you do not feed the beast, at any cost.


It is important that consumers guard themselves against CBV Collections.  The most important thing is to NEVER SEND ANY MONEY.  It will not help your situation, or clear your original debt.  CBV Collections digs up old debt that is stats barred from litigation, however they will conduct themselves as if they have a valid claim.  They will outright lie and tell you that they have a valid claim, and they will falsely claim that they can prove it.  Ask for everything in writing, demand proof, and whatever you do, do not give them any additional information about yourself.  If you're stupid enough to acknowledge these debts, or arrange payment, you are resetting the clock and your loan is no longer stats barred.


Consumers contacted by CBV Collections to recover debt need to understand that your personal information is in the hands of organized crime.  DO NOT NEGOTIATE your debts with these criminals, DO NOT make any payments as your original debt will not be satisfied anyway.  ONLY contact your original borrower to arrange repayment successfully.

DO NOT GIVE CBV Collections any identifying information, because it will be used to fuel organized crime and you will have problems for the rest of your life.


Businesses needing to enforce collection of delinquent accounts should be aware that using CBV Collections in Canada will tarnish your business name.  CBV Collections operates outside the laws of Consumer Protection, and has no regard for your business reputation.  They do and will break any law possible to make a dollar and having your business associated to organized crime is never going to be good for public relations.